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WTF r Nigrachan?

Nigrachan is a project first conceived soon after Pool's Closed v3.0 came about. Primarily lack of resources and time to set up/run an imageboard left the project as no more than an idea until recently.

Nigrachan is not limited to nigras or nigra activities. It is, however, created and run by nigras and is managed in a similar style to Pool's Closed. Among other things this means careful but willing use of the b&hammer and valuing quality and win over quantity and fail.

So why make yet another *chan now?

Because we want to.


AfroBoard is basically Nelliel with a few changes for Nigrachan.


#nigrachan on rizon.net

How do I contacted admin?

Currently, get on IRC.



Nigrachan, its administrators and host are not responsible for content posted by users. If you don't like it, GTFO. If you're a kid and not supposed to be here, GTFO.

How to do stuff

How do I post thread?

Go to the main page of the board you want to post on and type stuff into the text boxes. Select a file/image, as these are required for making new threads. Then hit Submit.

How do I reply to thread?

Go to the page for the thread, fill in text boxes, etc.

How do I deleted post?

Click on the checkbox(es) next to the posts you want to delete. Go to the bottom of the page and enter the password used when the post was made. Optionally click the 'Delete File Only' checkbox if you don't want to delete the entire post, only the file. Then click Submit.

What is this FGSFDS box for?

This is a feature used for special commands such as sage and noko. You list the commands in the box, separated by commas.

What special commands are available?

At present only noko and sage are implemented, as well as a couple functions exclusively for mods/admins. More functions will be added though.